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Spoon secret show posterAs you’ve undoubtedly heard Spoon played a free “secret show” in Austin Tuesday May 6th to kick off their new tour.  Murmurs of the show began as a clue from Sweet Spirit: “Playing a “secret show” tomorrow at Vegas with a band that is also a utensil they go on at 10pm we go on at 11pm come early might be crowded!” Day of the show Spoon confirmed the secret show and word spread through social media and blog posts like wildfire.

The line was already winding up Onion street when I tried to get in around 8:30pm. The doors were suppose to open at 8pm but knowing everyone in Austin had read about it their was sure to have been a line formed way before then. Volstead Lounge, the sister and connected bar of Hotel Vegas, was the entry point to the show and after that you presumably would try and make your way around the back and into Hotel Vegas. Through the fence it was apparent the backyard patios we’re already buzzing with activity and some people who managed to enter through the first door we’re essentially stuck in the back because Hotel Vegas was already at capacity.

Luckily, Hotel Vegas has a rather large windows positioned conveniently so you can stand on the sidewalk in front and see some of the stage along with hearing pretty well. After it became apparent the line was going nowhere I grabbed a drink nearby and then proceeded to this spot. If your unfamiliar with the venue, the band has their backs to the window on 6th st and only about half the stage is visible from the best possible spot. The sound was great considering most it was coming from the band’s own monitors’ and not the main PA system.

From my vantage I could see Eric Harvey rocking the keyboard perfectly and catch Britt Daniel’s head occasionally. That was until they played The Way We Get By and Britt Daniel turned to the window for a good fifteen seconds to pump up the outside crowd. After the song Britt asked the crowd, “We haven’t been around do you miss us?” which was greeted by cheers from the masses and followed by, “Well we miss you to and we’re going to be around a lot now.” Words to make any Spoon fan very happy.

Other songs in the set included I Turn My Camera On, I Summon You, Everything Hits at Once, and Don’t Make Me a Target. Spoon finished off their secret set with You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb. Sadly, I cannot comment at all about Sweet Spirit’s set because I did not feel like sticking around the sidewalk waiting for enough people to leave the venue. Considering it was a free show that everyone discovered Spoon would be playing at a few hours before I don’t think anyone can really complain.

Spoon plays again later this year at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

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